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A Tennyson Drake WW2 Thriller

It's May 1940. The Allies are at a standoff with Hitler's Germany...

Second Lieutenant Tennyson "Ted" Drake, until recently a barracks schoolmaster, is on a shadowy reconnaissance trip deep in the Ardennes forest.

But when the German panzers burst across the border, Drake's commanding officer is killed, leaving Drake in a place he should not be, with no orders, just a bloodstained notebook filled with code - and a mysterious sketch of a raven.

As the Allied defences crumble before the onslaught of the Blitzkrieg, Drake must stay alive long enough to discover the raven’s secret - and stop its catastrophic consequences on the outcome of the war…

"A genuine tour de force"
E V Seymour

“Rather than a page-turner, Drake's War is a page burner”
Amazon USA 5 Star***** Review

"A propulsive, mystery... that captures the stakes and scope of the real-life battle it portrays"

*#1 Bestseller*, Lad Lit

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