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Gideon Saint is the author of the Drake’s War series of Second World War military espionage thrillers, which combine his love of a ripping yarn with a strong interest in WW2 history. He was inspired by both of his grandfathers’ hair-raising exploits in the British army, the Foreign Office, and the RAF, from Dunkirk to D-Day and beyond.

Gideon's debut novel, Drake's War, is out now.

Drake's War

Writing Drake's War

by Gideon Saint

Why the Second World War?

For me, as for many others, the whole concept of the war was a source of endless fascination: a catastrophic global conflict fought by our fathers, grandfathers, great-grandfathers - and not forgetting great-grandmothers! The fact that it's still known in the UK as "the war" tells you something about what it still means to people today. However, I struggled to find the kind of novels I wanted to read. There were loads set on the home front, plenty about concentration camps, quite a lot about civilian secret agents, but almost nothing in the military fiction genre, set during the actual fighting of the war. So I wrote the book I wanted to read: espionage, action, adventure, intrigue, and combat - all set on the front lines of the Blitzkrieg campaign in the German invasion of Western Europe. This is Ted Drake's first outing, my new novel, and the first in the series: Drake's War.

Book 2, Drake's Battle, and Book 3, Drake's Escape, are soon to follow. Put your tin hat on, and enjoy! I hope you do enjoy reading the story. I have enjoyed writing it. Please do get in touch with me using the email form below. I'd love to hear what you think.

Thanks for reading!

Gideon Saint

Gideon Saint is represented by Jamie Cowen at The Ampersand Agency.

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